7 Tips to Help Menopause Symptoms At Work

Menopause at Work

Entrepreneur and Cool-jams founder, Anita Mahaffey knows what it is like to live with menopausal symptoms while being in a demanding job. “That time of life was particularly tough,” she says. “Admitting to those pesky menopause symptoms is still something working women prefer to keep to themselves. I tended to have a sense of humor about menopause. In any case, I survived my personal summer and even started Cool-jams in the process!” While menopausal symptoms may have a significant impact on occupational health, the good news is there is tips women can use to focus on their jobs, not their symptoms, as follows

  • Cool down: request or purchase a fan for your work space, or if possible open a window. Wear moisture wicking clothing to help with those hot flashes. You won't see the sweat stains if you are wearing a moisture wicking t-shirt.
  • Dress in layers: you have the option to add or remove clothing (like a sweater, or jacket) if your temperature fluctuates.
  • Take 5: short breaks and walks can clear your mind, relieve stress, and cool you down if you are having a hot flash.
  • Laugh: Humor can help ease tension during situations that may be uncomfortable, such as having a hot flash during an important presentation.
  •  Make lists: to-do lists can help you keep track of your tasks, so you don't get overwhelmed or forget important jobs.
  • Be sure to eat well and exercise to help relieve stress
  • Get enough sleep. Most menopausal women need 7-8 hours per night. I know I do. If you're not sleeping figure out why and try to do something about it. In case you are wondering...that's why Cool-jams was born. I needed to sleep and by finding a solution for night sweats, I conquered my sleep problems.
“Menopause doesn't mean that you are any less capable in your job,” says Mahaffey. “Follow some of the recommendations above to help deal with menopause at work. Be open with your employees and/or manager about what you are going through. Perhaps they'll learn a thing or two.