The Sleepwear That Helps You To Sleep Better

For women who prefer the look and feel of a nightgown but struggle with hot flashes and night sweats, Cool-jams™offers a stylish selection of moisture-wicking nightgowns and nightshirts designed to keep you cool and dry while you restfully slumber.

Cool-jams™ wicking sleepwear gowns are popular for anyone going through menopause, experiencing cancer treatments and other medical ailments or those who simply have difficulty getting a good night's rest due to high heat. They're designed to keep you cool in hot climates no matter what. Our moisture-wicking nightgowns are made of Cool-jams™ high-performance fabric, which looks and feels just as soft as cotton but features technology that absorbs moisture away from the skin.


These short and long moisture-wicking nightgowns work to eliminate the growth of odor-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling fresh while you sleep and when you wake up. Cool-jams™ fabric is even resistant to wrinkling, which makes our nightgowns ideal for travel. Order moisture-wicking sleepwear from Cool-jams™ and you'll also receive competitive pricing and free shipping. If you love Cool-jams™ sleepwear, be sure to explore our cooling bedding, which is designed to regulate body heat while you sleep.