What are Cool-jams?

Cool-Jams performed better than all other wicking brands

Notes: Tests were completed at a certified USA textile testing facility to include: Drying Rate AATCC Test Method 201-2014, ASTM D737-18 Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics, Vertical Wicking of Textiles - AATCC Test Method 197-2018 and Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics - AATCC Test Method 195-2017

How was Cool-jams Sleepwear developed?

Our Cool-jams fabric was developed initially for the Canadian armed forces. The military had requested development of a fabric that would look and feel like cotton but had other characteristics to include wicking ability, temperature regulation, quick drying ability, anti-microbial, anti-pilling, washability, breathability and wearability. Our proprietary technology was later engineered into our super-soft Cool-jams sleepwear which makes Cool-jams the most innovative and advanced performance sleepwear collection available anywhere. Our customers tell us that once they've tried Cool-jams Wicking Performance Sleepwear, they'll never sleep in anything else again.

Now let's get down to the science behind our Cool-jams sleepwear:

MST microfiber technology uses very fine fibers which are made into long strand fibers called filaments. Each filament is finer than a strand of human hair. 5 to 8 filaments are twisted together to form a fine thread. Due to the proprietary blend of filaments, and their configuration within the thread, we create a greater surface area for moisture to travel along the thread. These threads are then knitted together in a specific way to increase the speed of moisture movement through the fabric.

MST is a Three Step Process:


As the body perspires, moisture is transferred through the fabric from the skin to the outer layer of clothing, a process called moisture absorption or wicking;


The moisture spreads over the surface area (moisture transport/dispursement);


The disbursement process allows the outer air to evaporate the moisture (moisture drying or evaporation).

Capillary Action & Air Flow Management

Capillary action is the movement of moisture along the surface of a the fabric caused by the attraction of moisture molecules into the fabric molecules. By maximizing the capillary action of the fabric, we increase its ability to draw moisture from the body to its outer surface. Cool-jams fabric disperses moisture over larger areas in record time. Once on the surface of the fabric the vaporization of moisture molecules begins.

Antimicrobial Technology