High-tech fabric

Stay Dry
Sleep Cool

What are Cool-jams?

Cool-jams' sleepwear fabric is a unique polyester Microfiber that mimics the light and soft feel of cotton while outperforming other materials in terms of moisture-wicking and drying speed. Our groundbreaking technology ensures a comfortable and odor-free experience with long-lasting durability, surpassing traditional cotton fabric by six times.

The 3-step MST process

Our MST Microfiber-technology uses a proprietary blend of fibers uniquely configured to maximise surface area for moisture transportation and evaporation. Giving your body's natural cooling process a helping hand.

  1. As the body perspires, moisture is transferred through the fabric from the skin to the outer layer of clothing, a process called moisture absorption or wicking.
  2. The moisture spreads over the surface area (moisture transport/dispursement).
  3. The disbursement process allows the outer air to evaporate the moisture (moisture drying or evaporation).

Stay fresh and odor free

Cool-jams® proprietary antimicrobial nano-technology enables superior odor resistance so that you always stay fresh.

Laboratory results confirm that the antimicrobial properties remain strong and provide a 99.9% kill rate even after 50 or more machine washes.

We achieve this without the use of harmful chemicals, which is good news for both your skin and the environment.