About us

The story behind Cool-jams

How it all started

In 2007, the founder of Cool-jams, Anita Mahaffey, embarked on a journey driven by her personal struggles with sleep problems. She tried various sleepwear brands but couldn't find anything that helped her stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

As she spoke to others facing the same issues, Anita realized she was onto something important. Being an expert in textiles, she believed there had to be a better way to improve sleep by creating fabrics that felt great, wicked away moisture, regulated temperature, and dried quickly.

A fabric like no other

It was a challenging task as she aimed to develop functional smart fabrics while ensuring the sleepwear looked stylish.

After years of research and development, Anita found the perfect solution and launched Cool-jams to share it with the world. A sleepwear collection that quickly became known for its exceptional comfort and temperature regulation. Blending style and functionality flawlessly.

A new chapter

In the spring of 2023, Anita entered retirement.

Today, ownership of the brand is managed by Cool-jams LLC. This transition marks a new chapter for the brand, with the new team bringing fresh perspectives and innovation to Cool-jams' future. 

The new ownership is committed to building upon Anita's devotion towards quality, style, and functionality. The stage is set for a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity as the legacy of Cool-jams carries forward.