About Us

Established in 2007

Even though we spend one third of our lives in bed, I think most people totally underestimate how important a great night’s sleep can be. My mission is to help everyone on our planet get the sleep they need and deserve. My motivation to start Cool-jams in 2007 was because I was having terrible sleep problems. I tried so many brands of sleepwear and couldn’t find anything to help me to stay cool, dry and temperature regulated. The more I talked to other men and women with the same issues, the more I understood that I was on to something. As a textile expert, I knew there had to be a better way to sleep if I could just develop some fabrics that would help wick moisture, eliminate temperature swings and dry rapidly. It was a tall order,  because I was not only concerned about developing a smart fabric to help me sleep better, but I wanted great looking products as well. After several years of research & development, I found the Cool-jams solution and was ready to launch. The result was our stylish yet functional Cool-jams Sleepwear collection. We test each of our fabrics and products at certified textile labs to make sure they perform as expected. The side-by-side testing we did against all other wicking sleepwear brands showed us that our Cool-jams Sleepwear was more effective against night sweating and temperature regulation than any other wicking sleepwear brand in the marketplace. Since our beginning, we have developed a wide range of sleep products to help people sleep better. Our customers have done so much to spread the word about our Cool-jams products. Needless to say, we’re grateful.


Anita Mahaffey, Founder + CEO