Why Is My Pillow So Hot?

why is my pillow so hot

Why Is My Pillow So Hot? Ah, that sweet, sweet feeling of flipping over your pillow to the cool side in the middle of the night. Is there anything better? Sleepers love the cool contrast of the underside of the pillow because the top portion can tend to trap in heat that emits off the head and body — making you feel hot and sweaty — as you sleep. Your pillow may be extra-susceptible to collecting and trapping in heat, depending on the materials and your environment, but luckily you can address this with a fresh new set of cooling pillows from Cool-jamsÔ.

Factors that Contribute to Hot Pillows Your pillow and pillow case are made of porous materials, but they may not permit enough airflow to keep your face and neck cool while you sleep. Some bedding materials are more breathable than others, so you want to make sure you’re choosing highly breathable pillows and pillow cases if you tend to sleep better with a cooling cushion. Additionally, some bedding is more susceptible to picking up the temperature of its surroundings than others. Choosing the right fabric is key to ensuring that your pillows stay cool while helping to absorb moisture (caused by sweat) and keeping your sleep environment free of bacteria.

The Solution: Cooling Pillows Combat the uncomfortable hot pillow with a set of cool pillow covers by Cool-jams. These high-tech pillows utilize our proprietary fabric in order to stave off heat, effectively keeping you cool, comfortable and dry all night long. If you prefer the pillows you already own, investing in a couple of cooling pillow cases can help you recreate that cool pillow feel without replacing your beloved bedding. The smart fabric helps provide top-notch temperature regulation, keeping you cool when temps are high, and has moisture-wicking properties to deter those uncomfortable sweat-soaked mornings.