Cooling Pillows

Moisture-Wicking and Anti-Microbial. Stay cool, dry, and fresh!


      The Bedding That Helps You Sleep Better

      Stop spending your nights tossing and turning while you search for the cool side of the pillow by ordering a cooling pillow or cover from Cool-Jams. We understand the struggle to stay cool and have created the best collection of the cooling pillows and covers on the market.

      Cool pillows are perfect for frequent sweaters or those that become easily overheated while sleeping. Our bed pillows are designed to stay cool all night long, no matter how warm you get. Our cooling pillows, pillowcases and covers are made using advanced fabrics that help absorb heat when you get too hot. By pulling away the heat and moisture from the skin, the pillows stay cold and are able to help regulate body temperature as well as ensure a great night's rest. Best of all, they always feel cool, so you'll stop waking in the middle of the night to flip the pillow. Choose a brand new cooling pillow for your bed or keep your current pillow in place and cover it with a cooling pillowcase or cooling pillow cover.

      Our unique cooling pillows, pillowcases and covers are made from special fabrics that work overtime to keep you cool. Our proprietary fabrics are fast-drying and are great for everyday use. They're easy to care for and easy to maintain, but best of all, they actually work. We carry pillows in standard, queen and king sizes as well as pillowcases and covers in an array of colors. Choose your preferred pillow size or pick a pillowcase color or design that coordinates with your existing bedding.

      Get a better night's rest by upgrading your sleep space with a cooling pillow, bamboo pillowcase or temperature-regulating pillow covers from Cool-Jams™. We make it easy to end the nighttime hunt for the cool side of the pillow by offering solutions that really work. Spend more time sleeping and less time tossing and turning by ordering one of our cooling pillow products.

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