My Bedding and Pajamas Get Soaked Every Night! What am I to do?

Menopause Guilt

Women who suffer menopause know how difficult  the nights can be. Dealing with night sweating as well as  hot flashes during the day is one of the most annoying symptoms that occur during menopause. The night sweating can  be a real sleep hindrance and we all know that when we don't sleep we don't feel so well the next day.  The first thing that happens is that our bedding and pajamas become. We are basically forced to change or get out of our damp clothing and sheets. Sleep is disrupted until the body is comfortable again. For many women it is a vicious cycle. First hot, then cold because you're wet and uncomfortable. 

Cool-jams offers a great menopause solution. Wicking pajamas sometimes known as menopause pajamas or menopause sleepwear have been designed to help a woman through these difficult nights. Wicking pajamas are made of a fabric that absorbs moisture and then draws the heat and moisture away from the skin. The other advantage is that they dry very quickly, so you never feel too hot or too cold, always just right.

These fabulous pjs won't make your  hot flashes go away, but  they can ease the night sweats and hot flashes and will allow you to sleep better every night. The best wicking pajamas are made of a super lightweight micro fiber that will provide night sweat relief. When wearing these moisture wicking, quick drying pjs your bedding and pjs will be  stay dry and you won't have to get up in the middle of the night to change. Half the battle is keeping a cool body temperature and menopause sleepwear is perfect for that job.  

If hot flashes and night sweats can't be prevented, they can at least be minimized with temperature regulating Cool-jams.  If you tend to toss and turn because you're always hot your  partner will also love these Cool-jams because you won't be disturbing their sleep any longer. While hot flash pajamas are extremely helpful in combating night sweats,  they are even more effective when used with  temperature regulating bedding that has been designed to keep the body at the optimum sleeping temperature. Consider cooling sheets, cooling mattress pads, cooling pillows and temperature regulating comforters and blankets. This special technology is not inexpensive, but how can you put a price on a great night's sleep? A good night's sleep is vital to your health.

Studies have shown that  men and women who don't  get enough  sleep are tend to suffer from more age related illness. Don't suffer silently from night sweats and hot flashes. There are lots of solutions out there. The key is selecting the right nightwear and bedding, so that you stay asleep and get the rest you need.