Tips to Combat Night Sweats & Hot Flashes: Part 1

One of the most challenging things for many women going through menopause is hot flashes. Out of nowhere, they feel so incredibly warm that it almost seems impossible to cool down. To make matters worse, many of these same women also suffer from night sweats. These two menopausal symptoms combined can make it very difficult to get a good night's sleep. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to lessen their impact so you can get fully rested at night despite going through menopause.

Ready to start tackling hot flashes and night sweats head on? Here are some of the ways you can make it a little easier to get some solid sleep even when dealing with menopause:

  • Supplements: Certain supplements have been shown to lessen the severity of night sweats and hot flashes during menopause. It's true; getting more sleep could be as easy as taking one or two pills per day (with your doctor's approval, of course). Find out which supplements work in this video.
  • Soybean products: If you ingest plant estrogen in the form of soy products, it could help make those hot sweats and night flashes a little easier to handle. Watch the video to learn how much and what kinds you should eat.
  • Yoga and meditation: It turns out that these practices are good for both the mind and the body. You'll fall asleep quicker when you use yoga and meditation to help you relax at night. Plus, the video contains some information about how it helps decrease night sweats.

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