How to Get a Better Night's Sleep: Part 1

Are you sick of spending hours awake in bed? It's no fun finding yourself lying awake and worrying about how you won't get enough rest before that alarm goes off. And even if you do manage to fall asleep, you might find yourself waking up during the night. Without experiencing deep sleep, you could end up still feeling tired the next day.

So if you're ready to change things up and start sleeping better at night , check out this video. We'll cover the key tips that you need to improve sleep quality, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep all night. You might be surprised by what's keeping you awake or causing fitful sleep through the night, including:

  • Electronics use: The light from your electronic devices can actually disturb your body's natural sleep cycle. Anything from catching up on work to watching your favorite TV show could be keeping your mind too active to get ready for bed. Consider how often you use electronics in the hours leading up to bedtime. If you're like most people, it's quite a lot
  • What you eat and drink: Consuming certain foods or beverages can also disturb your sleep cycle. The ingredients could be too stimulating, and the process of digestion can make it harder for your body to fall asleep. Have you thought about what you drink and eat in the hours leading up to bedtime? Switching just a few things out of your diet during this period could lead to serious improvements in your sleep.

If you're looking for some helpful tips for getting better sleep night after night, be sure to watch this video. You'll get practical steps for how you can address the issues listed above so that they won't interfere with your ability to get a good night's rest.