Things To Consider When Choosing Sleepwear In the New Year

Moisture wicking sleepwear for men and women
For most adults, going to bed at night means stripping off whatever you wore to work and throwing on the closest thing you find. You may feel so tired that your sleepwear doesn’t seem like it’s very important, but when it comes to getting a truly high quality night of sleep, it actually makes quite a big difference. Here are some tips for choosing what to wear to bed.
  • Consider your temperature: If you suffer from temperature control issues or hot flashes during the night, you may want to invest in temperature regulating sleepwear, like the types from Cool-jams™. These unique pajamas are made for both men and women, and they’re designed using our proprietary fabric that wicks away moisture from the body and leaves you feeling dry and comfy. The sleepwear is also lightweight and wrinkle resistant, which makes these pjs the perfect choice for anyone who frequently travels.
  • Choose a breathable fabric: Since many people are required to wear stuffy, constricting clothing during the day, you’ll want to let your skin breathe at night. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and it needs flushing, so to speak, just like any other organ. Do this by choosing a lightweight moisture wicking fabric that’s known for its breathability.
  • Keep things loose: While you may wear tight tank tops or leggings while lounging around the house, these things aren’t cohesive to a good night of sleep. Keep sleepwear slightly oversized and loose to prevent yourself from feeling constricted.
  • Think about your feet: Your feet have a lot to do with your body temperature: while cold feet may cause you to lose sleep, wearing very thick socks could cause you to overheat in the night. Instead, slip on a pair of lightweight, breathable socks if you start to feel chilly.

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