5 Ways To Improve Sleep During Menopause

How to help menopause fatique

One of the most common side effects of menopause is fatigue, and this excessive tiredness can start to take a toll on both your body and your mind. You may find yourself dozing off at the office, feeling sluggish and forgetful, and having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. If you’re suffering from menopause fatigue, these tips may help you to beat it.

  • Improve your sleep. While some women feel fatigue that has nothing to do with sleep, other women feel tired simply because they aren’t getting enough rest. Hot flashes and night sweats may inhibit your restful REM sleep, so invest in some moisture-wicking pajamas and temperature-regulating bedding from Cool-jams to prevent these menopausal symptoms. You can also try going to bed earlier and practicing better sleep habits, such as spending time relaxing before bed or meditating to reduce stress before sleep.
  • Cut out caffeine. While many people use caffeine as a crutch when they’re feeling tired, artificial stimulants can actually make you feel drowsier once they wear off. Try replacing your caffeine with herbal remedies, or drink more water to give yourself a boost of energy.
  • Exercise every day. Studies show that people feel a burst of adrenaline after exercising, so you may want to try incorporating more physical activity into your schedule to reduce fatigue. Getting 60 minutes of cardio activity per day is ideal, but if you aren’t able to manage this, try for at least 30 minutes of gentle exercise.
  • Eat less. You may be feeling exhausted because your lunch or dinner choices are making you sluggish and weighed down. Try switching to a healthy diet that is rich in lean proteins, leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits, and limit the amount of fats, sweets and carbs that you consume.
  • Reduce stress levels. Your bodily changes are already exhausting, so make sure you’re not overexerting yourself in other areas, too. Make time for relaxation, such as with a meditation session or a yoga class, and try to cut out activities that make you feel stressed out.