Best Sleepwear Options for Night Sweats

cool pjs for night sweats
When it comes to managing night sweats, there is no steadfast cure. However, sufferers can find relief by changing a few lifestyle habits and creating a healthier sleep hygiene. One of the best ways to manage hot flashes during the night is by switching out your usual sleepwear with lightweight pajamas that allow your skin to breathe. Here are just a few of the best types of sleepwear for hot flashes.
  • Moisture-wicking nightgowns for women: Ladies affected by hot flashes due to menopause, cancer treatments or any other ailment will find relief from a breezy nightgown. Cool-jams carries moisture-wicking nightgowns in varying lengths that are made with our unique Outlast technology to keep you feeling cool, dry and able to move around during the night. Choose from ankle-length styles, shorter nightgowns and a variety of stylish colors.
  • Wicking shorts and pants for women: From summer to winter, Cool-jams’ moisture wicking shorts and pants are great options for managing hot flashes and night sweats. These separates are also made from our proprietary Cool-jams fabric that allows the skin to breathe while also wicking sweat away from the skin, and they can be mixed and matched with different types of tops depending on the season.
  • Wicking shirts and tanks for women:  Women will also appreciate Cool-jams’ matching shirts and tank tops. These can be combined with any of our wicking pants and shorts, and they also come in a variety of stylish shades.
  • Nursing pajamas:  Due to hormonal changes, many pregnant women and new mothers experience uncomfortable hot flashes. Cool-jams carries nursing pajamas designed especially for the mothers, and they feature our Outlast fabric and buttons that make nursing a breeze.
  • Men’s wicking pajamas:  Women aren’t the only ones who experience Night sweats; men undergoing cancer treatments, taking certain medications or some men just run hot. Take control of your temperature in the night by investing in a pair of Cool-jams wicking pajamas that pull sweat away from the skin and offer a lightweight, breathable feeling.