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Moisture Wicking Nightgowns

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For women who prefer the look and feel of a nightgown but struggle with hot flashes and night sweats, Cool-jams offers a stylish selection of moisture-wicking nightgowns and night shirts designed to keep you cool and dry. These unique wicking sleepwear items are popular amongst anyone going through menopause, cancer treatments or other medical ailments, as well as women who simply find themselves frequently sweating in bed at night.

Our moisture-wicking nightgowns are made of Kottinu fabric, which looks and feels just as soft as cotton but also absorbs moisture away from the skin. These short and long nightgowns and Cool-jams sleep shirts also eliminate the growth of odor-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling fresh while you sleep. The Cool-jams fabric is even resistant to wrinkling, which makes our nightgowns ideal for travel. Order moisture-wicking sleepwear from Cool-jams and you'll also receive competitive pricing and great quality on every garment.

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Top Innovative Apparel
Award 2013 by Apparel Magazine

Works Better

Scientifically engineered to absorb and wick moisture and heat faster, dry quicker, and to have the most advanced natural antibacterial protection of any sleepwear tested. Cool-jams has indeed revolutionized the world of sleep with our performance fabric technology. Learn More

More Comfortable

Our innovative wicking performance fabric is more comfortable because it feels like silky soft, lightweight cotton. In fact, the more you wash your Cool-jams the softer and more comfy they get. Try them once and we're quite certain you'll never sleep in anything else again. Learn More

Best Quality

We've been making pajamas and bedding for over 20 years. We know how to produce high quality products that look great, feel good and work well. From television to magazines, it seems like everybody's talking about Cool-jams! Read More

Cool-jams proudly donates a percentage of every sale to charities helping women and children around the globe.