How To Fix Sleep Temperature Compatibility With Your Bed Partner

couples and sleeping temperature
Almost every couple will admit to disagreeing about the perfect sleep temperature or the number of blankets on the bed, but for some couples, the issues become more serious than just that. Temperature differences within a couple can eventually result in sleep deprivation for one or both parties, and that’s something that no couple should have to live with. Here at Cool-jams, we’ve developed a number of sleep solutions that will help couples to sleep better together, no matter how cool or how warm each person gets. Check out these smart products for regulating nighttime temperature within a couple.
  1. Cooling mattress topper or cover: First, start by cooling your mattress itself to eliminate excess heat that may come from a pillow top mattress or a foam pad. This innovative product is both cooling and waterproof, which means that it can absorb heat from one person’s body as they sleep without leaving the other person any colder. It also has a barrier against moisture, which protects your mattress if one person suffers from night sweats.
  2. Cooling sheets: Using our naturally temperature regulating bamboo or tencel sheets can help to regulate body temperature. Both partners are able to sleep soundly throughout the night as the sheet absorb and release excess heat. 
  3. Cooling Duvet Cover or Coverlet: Next, add a cooling bed cover to your bedding to keep both parties warm and cozy without that hot, stifling feeling that you want to kick off in the night. These unique blankets are made with Cool-jams proprietary fabrics and all-natural bamboo that wicks moisture away from the skin and even eliminates bacteria that causes odor. These coverlet and duvet covers are also incredibly soft and silky, unlike many similar cooling products.
  4. A pair of cooling pillows or pillowcases: To keep the head and face feeling cool even when the room is warm, add a pair of cooling pillows. Cool-jams’ pillows will give you that delicious initial feeling of pressing your face against a cool pillow, but unlike with traditional pillows, it will last all night long.
Instead of constantly arguing about the perfect nighttime conditions or suffering in silence as you lie awake at night, make your bedroom comfortable for both parts of a couple with these sleep solutions from Cool-jams.