4 Changes To Your Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

Change your routine for better sleep
It’s important to create a bedtime routine to help you unwind from the stresses of your day — clear your mind and focus on getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re the type of person who cleans the house, talks on the phone or even browses  on social media before bed, you may find yourself struggling to “turn off” your brain once you finally lie down in bed. Instead of simply slipping into your pajamas and under the covers, you may want to develop a set routine of relaxing bedtime activities that will help you to find a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. Here are a few great ideas.
  • Cut off technology use at least one hour before bed. By staring at your phone, computer or television screen before bed, you’re adding tension to your body, stimulating your brain and even straining your eyes, which have to adjust to the small items on the screen. Put all of your gadgets away for at least one hour before you go to bed for the night.
  • Tidy up your sleeping area before crawling into bed. It’s amazing what a difference a clean, clutter-free space makes as you’re trying to fall asleep.
  • Do a gentle stretching sequence, a slow yoga flow or even take a long, relaxing walk just before bed. Easy exercises help to release tension in the body and clear the mind before you attempt to fall asleep.
  • Drink a soothing drink, such as warm milk or a decaffeinated tea. This not only gives you a feeling of fullness that promotes sleepiness, the act of waiting for your drink to cool off and slowly, methodically drinking its hot contents is also a great way to turn off your thoughts and tune out from daily stress.
Plan your day ahead of time. Set out tomorrow’s outfit if you have to wake up early, fill the coffee pot, and go over your schedule for the following day. This will help you to go to sleep feeling confident and prepared, which can prevent the dreaded tossing and turning with worry