Do Cooling Pillows Work?

Do Cooling Pillows Work? | Cool-jams

It's hard to fall asleep at night when your face and head feel hot. To remedy this, you might try flipping over your pillow to the "cool" side - but this trick only works for so long. You'll eventually lose sleep flipping your pillow, and the "cool" side will soon become the "lukewarm" side. For years, the tale of the warm pillow was the only bedtime story in many households. Today, with revolutionary cooling fabrics like those used in our products here at Cool-jams™, your pillow can stay cold all night long, so you can fall asleep quicker than ever. If you are wondering whether these cooling pillows work as advertised, this is the guide for you. 

When it comes to pillows that stay cold at night, the single biggest contributing factor is the fabric on your pillow's surface. The better your pillow's fabric is at "wicking" heat (dispersing heat off of its surface), the better your pillow will be at staying cool. Some fabrics, like cotton, are quite poor at heat wicking and will instead trap heat. For freezing temperatures, this can be great - for room temperatures, it can get a little too cozy for comfort quite quickly. Here at Cool-jams™, we use specially-designed heat wicking fabrics in our pillows to ensure a cool night's sleep every time. You can learn more about how our cooling pillows fabrics work below.

The Cool-jams Pillow Difference

Here at Cool-jams™, each of our available pillows is covered with one of two types of proprietary fabric, each highly-effective in keeping your face and head cool while you sleep. The first is Cool-jams™ Rayon From Bamboo Bedding, which uses the natural cooling, wicking and antimicrobial properties of bamboo to wick heat faster than cotton or polyester blends. The second is our Cool-jams™ temperature-regulating bedding, which uses special phase change technology to help the body regulate its temperature and emit less heat when you lie down to sleep. Both of these cooling fabrics are highly-effective in keeping pillows cool at night, and both are featured on the cooling pillows available for order right here our website. Browse our collection and keep cool tonight with Cool-jams™ cooling pillows.