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Cooling Temperature Regulating Pillows & Pillow Covers

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Do you love the feeling of pressing your face against the cool pillow as soon as you get into bed each night? While this is one of the most relaxing feelings you'll have all day, if you frequently sweat or become overheated while sleeping, it may only last a second. With cooling pillows and covers from Cool-jams, however, your pillow will stay cool and comfortable all night long, no matter how warm you get.

These unique, cooling pillows, pillowcases and pillow covers are made with special fabrics that helps absorb heat as you get too hot, pulling it away from your own skin and leaving your body at a temperature that is more regulated. If you already own a pillow that you like, Cool-jams also offers cooling pillowcases that you can slip on right over your existing pillow, adding a cooling effect while still maintaining the firmness that you prefer. These cooling pillows, bamboo pillowcases and temperature regulating Outlast pillow covers come in sizes to fit any bed, and they are even machine-washable for convenient care.