Cooling Sheets That Your Bed Partner Will Love

Struggling with uncomfortable night sweats and hot flashes is difficult on anyone, but if you share a bed with a spouse or partner, it becomes even more embarrassing. If your fluctuating body temperature is causing a rift in your relationship, it may be time to take serious action in the form of cooling sheets and bedding. Not only will these innovative products end your nightly struggles with sweat and overheating, they will also bring a good night’s sleep to both you and your partner.

Cool-jams™ offers top of the line cooling sheets that rival anything else on the market today. These innovative items are made with the highest quality materials that regulate your body temperature while also creating a smooth, soft feeling against the skin. Where other types of cooling sheets feel scratchy and less cozy than traditional sheets, ours are so discreet that you (and your partner) may not even notice a difference at all other than the buttery soft feel against your skin. The secret is in our unique blend of materials, which combines either our breathable bamboo fibers or high quality cotton mixed with bamboo or a Tencel fabric made from Eucalyptus. Our proprietary fabrics pull and release heat inside of the sheets, to regulate your body temperature all throughout the night.

Not only are our Cool-jams™ temperature-regulating sheets impressive in their function and performance, they’re also incredibly stylish and versatile. You’ll find options in sizes that include twin, twin-XL, full, queen, king, California king and split king, as well as attractive, soothing colors that go with just about any room decor. With so many color options, you’ll love the look of these high quality sheets almost as much as you love the cool, dry feeling that they provide.