Cool Down Your Head With a Cooling Pillow

cool sleep with cool pillow

Anyone who has experienced night sweats knows that they aren’t just annoying; they’re also very disruptive to your sleeping and waking hours. These unexpected bursts of adrenaline can happen at any time of the day or night, and not only do they make your mind feel uncomfortably stimulated, they can also create surges of heat and sweat.

To keep cool and comfortable when suffering from night sweats, these innovative cooling pillows are absolute essentials in any  man or women's night sweat combat kit. These unique pillows absorb heat from the face and head and regulate your body temperature as you sleep, leaving you with that first wonderful feeling of pressing your face against a cool pillow all night long. While they can’t stop your night sweating altogether, cooling pillows can vastly improve your quality of sleep and leave you feeling rested again.

When shopping for a cooling pillow, take into consideration the type of symptoms you’re having and their severity. If your night sweats are so unbearable that they leave you tossing and turning all night long, you may want to invest in a complete cooling pillow to replace your current one. Our temperature-regulating cool pillows use special cooling gel and cool foam technology and come in a variety of lofts. Learn more about Cooling pillows here:   

If your night sweats are not quite as severe and only wake you up occasionally throughout the night, you may only need to add a cooling pillowcase to your existing pillow. The Cool-jams™ Temperature-Regulating Bamboo pillowcase sets includes two cases in your choice of standard sizes that simply slide right on over your existing pillows. They’re also made of Cool-jams™ exclusive fabric that wicks away heat and moisture and leaves you free from the discomfort of night sweats.