11 Resources To Aid In Choosing Sleep Products

Sleeping comfortably throughout the night is essential to your good health and mental well-being. Chronic sleep problems such as insomnia can turn your life upside down if not addressed promptly. Some sleep issues are the result of physical changes in your body. Other sleep problems are caused by stress or uncomfortable temperature conditions. Read below to find out how to choose bedding and pajamas to get relief.
Night sweats are a common cause of sleep deprivation, and when you suffer from them, you feel as if you're stuck in an oven turned to high heat. You wake up with the desperate urge to find relief any way you can. One way to reduce heat discomfort is to wear Cool-jams™ moisture-wicking pajama sets. Made of technologically advanced breathable fabrics, our sets and separates are soft, lightweight and comfortable to sleep in at home or while traveling. Another way is to get our cooling bedding for hot sleepers.

Menopause symptoms can often leave you feeling like an overheated rag doll. When hot flashes hit, even your clothes feel too warm to tolerate. If you sleep on a memory foam mattress, the  heat from your mattress can double your discomfort. Cool-jams™ cooling mattress topper have built-in temperature regulation.

Get cooling relief anytime you rest in bed day or night with our cooling pillows and pillow covers, cooling sheets and  cooling blankets  that keep you cozy and dry thanks to our cooling and moisture wicking fabrics. Choose sizes and colors to suit your individual preferences and get back to enjoying healthy, restful sleep.

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