Blue Light and Your Sleep Quality

Most people take their phones into bed for a bit of nighttime scrolling before they fall asleep. After all, it’s nice to chat with your friends or check the news one more time before you close your eyes. However, while the socializing may feel nice to your dopamine receptors, the blue light is actually causing serious disruption to your circadian rhythms. 

How do you know if your sleep troubles are related to blue light? Well, there’s one easy way to figure it out. Simply commit to one week of stashing your phone across the room. Enjoy a blue-light-free sleep bedtime experience for a full week, and you’ll start to notice a big difference in the quality and depth of your sleep. If you are currently struggling to get restful sleep, try making your bedroom a blue-light-free zone after the sun goes down. This, in combination with daytime exercise and the right sleep gear, can result in a delightful night’s sleep.


The results are in, and studies show that blue light blocks melatonin, which makes you feel sleepy. The full spectrum of light is healthy for you, such as sunlight. But electronic devices produce blue light, which can make you feel alert when you should be preparing to fall asleep. Most of us spend at least seven hours a day in front of blue-light-generating devices like laptops and smartphones. By simply shutting off these devices several hours before bed, you can reclaim your natural circadian rhythm and fall asleep naturally.

a woman stares at her phone with blue light in a dark room as the city lights blur outside the window


Your bedroom is a haven for relaxation. In the living room and kitchen, you’re available to other household members. But in your own room, you deserve a place that’s built entirely to facilitate rest. It’s wise to create a plan ahead of time since it’s easy to fall into old habits. Don’t let that pesky blue light disturb your beauty sleep! Create a screen-free zone for great sleep.

The first thing you need to do is decide in advance what you’ll do with your devices. You could stash your phone in your nightstand if you prefer to have it nearby in case of an emergency. Another option is to create a charging box across the room, perhaps on your bureau. Set a twinkling alarm to go off two hours before you aim to go to bed. Do your final bit of browsing, and then tuck your phone away for the evening.

a woman sleeps in a bed with white sheets and a pug


In addition to reducing blue light, cooling sheets and lightweight pajamas are the two best ways to support your sleep cycle. It can be incredibly frustrating when your sleep struggle affects the rest of your life. Try resolving the problem holistically, and you’ll see much better results. 

Get good sleep by making sure your sleepwear is made with the right materials for you and your needs. Breathable pajamas can ensure that you benefit from the easeful environment you created by reducing the presence of blue light. Now, you can climb into bed and relax peacefully into a dream world of your own making.