4 Bedding Sleep Solutions for Night Sweats

bedding and sleepwear for night sweats
Do you frequently find yourself waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat? There are few sleep issues more uncomfortable (or more embarrassing) than night sweats, and no matter what you do to try to avoid them, it often feels like a losing battle. Luckily for you, the secret to a night of sweat-free sleep is in something that you can very easily change: your bedding. By simply switching out your current bedding with options designed for your unique temperature issues, you’ll find a cool, dry night’s sleep in no time. Here are just a few smart bedding solutions to help with your night sweats.
  • Add a cooling mattress topper: Begin by covering your current mattress with a temperature-regulating mattress pad that is equipped with a waterproof covering. Cool-jams™ offers these innovative items in sizes ranging from twin to California king sizes. They feature soft, padded interiors that pull heat away from the body, leaving you feeling much cooler as you sleep, while their waterproof exteriors keep your mattress dry and your skin sweat-free.
  • Switch to cooling sheets: Next, slide into a bed draped in silky, cooling sheets designed to ward off pesky night sweats. Cool-jams™ sheets are made of incredibly soft materials like sateen and cotton or bamboo which are made with unique  fabrics that reduces your body temperature and eliminates night sweats.
  • Add a cooling pillow cover or bamboo pillow cases: Now that you have your body covered, control night sweats on your head, neck and face with a cooling pillow cover. These temperature-regulating products slide right over top of your existing pillow, but they create a cooling sensation as soon as your head makes contact. Breathable cotton or bamboo eliminates the stifling feeling between your skin and pillowcase, while our technologically advanced fabric stops sweating before it starts.
  • Wear wicking pajamas: Cool-jams™ creates moisture-wicking pajamas for both men and women that not only wick away moisture from the surface of the skin, they also come in a variety of styles to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what type of pajamas you prefer to wear.
Stop night sweats in their tracks without any effort at all when you invest in these moisture-wicking, cooling sleep products from Cool-jams™.