Are People Who Sleep Late Smarter & More Creative?


It’s a common belief that if you sleep in, you might be lazy or unproductive. Night owls are commonly told to find a better nighttime routine or to go to bed earlier. The general idea is that waking up earlier is regarding as a time when we can be our most productive self, completing tasks like work, studying, meditation and exercise. However, just because you might not love getting up early in the morning doesn’t mean that you’re ill-equipped to handle your day.

In fact, recent studies have shown that those who wake up later in the day are more creative and smarter than those who wake up early. The main reason that there is such a sharp difference has to do with the brain chemistry of those who stay up late and is primarily determined by your DNA. While both early risers and late sleepers still need to have adequate sleep and nutrition, the way they spend the rest of their waking hours impacts the experiences and abilities they’re able to foster. If you sleep in, here are a few ways you may be benefitting from it.

Those Who Sleep Later Are More Creative

When it gets later in the evening, there are fewer distractions and more time for our minds to wander. This allows creativity to pour through, pushing us to use our imagination to solve issues or find new ways to finish a daunting task. Those who sleep later are likely to find creative alternatives and solutions to their problems because of their unusual routines and habits.

Those Who Sleep Later Have Higher IQs

A recent study showed that those who are likely to stray from familiar revolutionary traits, such as the set circadian rhythm of waking up and falling asleep with the sun, are likely to have a higher IQ. It’s even theorized that those who wake up later are showing a form of evolution. Regardless, those who have different circadian cycles instead of regular sleep cycles are predicted to be more intelligent.

Late Sleepers Should Work According to Their Energy

Society tells us that we need to work during the hours of 9-5. However, not everyone is the most productive during those hours. Some people do their best work early in the morning, while others function best late at night. Of course, some people thrive during the 9-5 work life. Instead of forcing yourself to be productive, you should instead take advantage of the time when you feel at your best to work.

Finding Your Own Consistency – Especially at Bedtime

Just because you sleep later doesn’t mean you won’t have routines or patterns you follow. It just means that they might occur at a different time of the day than others. However, some things will not change from person to person, and that’s the ideal amount of sleep needed every night. 

Make sure to get a total of eight hours of sleep every night by creating nighttime routines that work for your schedule. Whether that means putting on a pair of moisture-wicking pajamas and slipping into your bamboo sheets or meditating, find consistency to ensure you’re creating the perfect balance during your day, regardless of the time you wake up.