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How to Regulate Your Body Temperature While Sleeping

You toss. You turn. You flip your pillow over to the "cool" side. Every night feels like an endless struggle to find the perfect temperature. We've compiled some tips and tricks that will help you regulate your body temperature during sleep so that you can achieve temperature bliss and slumber comfortably.

Take a Hot Bath One to Two Hours Before Bed

Although it may seem illogical to take a hot bath when you already feel too warm, some studies have indicated that warm baths an hour or so before bed are beneficial for stage four sleep, slow-wave sleep and regulated nightly body temperatures.

Keep Your Bedroom Cool

Although a warm, cozy room often makes you feel sluggish during the day, this is not the case at night. For best body temperature control at night, it is best to keep your bedroom between 60-70°F.

Choose the Right Mattress Pad

You've got the right bed, but what about the right mattress pad? Many of today's newer mattresses are comfortable, sure, but they are made of synthetic foams that generate heat. Start with the right mattress pad as a foundation. Our Cool-jams™ temperature regulating mattress covers offer state-of-the-art Outlast cooling technology to stave away the heat generated from those man-made materials.

Choose the Right Bedding

Sure, they're cheap and soft, but synthetic polyester sheets aren't going to help your sweaty situation. They are made from synthetic fibers that are great at trapping heat close to your body. Choose a natural fabric that allows the circulation of air. Our Cool-jams™ sheets are made of natural bamboo and use advanced thermal technology to help regulate your body temperature - even as you sleep!

Choose the Right Nightclothes

Our Cool-jams™ nightclothes for men and women are ideal to help eliminate overheating at night. Their cotton-like comfort and feel has been designed to help wick away moisture and control your body temperature. Our innovative microfiber smart fabric sleepwear will help your body temperature regulate as you sleep and will allow you to wake up refreshed and renewed - not in a puddle of sweat.

Taking external measures to help your internal body temperature regulate itself will help with improved sleep cycles and nights - which will lead to better mornings!

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