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How To Combat A Hot Memory Foam Mattress

Since hittingthe market, memory foam mattresses have enjoyed years of success because oftheir incredibly plush, comfortable feel and the way they contour to a person'sbody. They are consistently touted for their winning features, making them someof the most comfortable mattresses available. Just a few of the perks of memoryfoam mattresses include providing a molded fit for your body, motion transferresistance and pain-relief comfort.

While thesemattresses are undeniably comfortable, they do have a downside: they're hot! Becausethey're made from high-density foam, the mattress uses your body heat and bodypressure to perfectly cradle and support your shape. While innovative, thistechnology can sometimes lead to overheating and disrupted sleep. Rather thanreplacing your pricey investment, cover it with something that puts a layerbetween you and the mattress. We'll show you how to combat a hot memory foammattress with a cooling mattress pad.

Cool-jams™ Cooling Mattress Pads

Cool-jams™offers cooling mattress pads that help regulate body temperature for a soothingnight of sleep.These pads come in a variety of sizes that slide right overyour current mattress, creating a barrier between the mattress and your skin.They're made of our unique Outlast technology that absorbs heat from the bodyas soon as you start to experience hot flashes or night sweats, pulling theheat away from your skin and absorbing it into the fibers of the mattress pad.Once you start to cool down, the pad will then release the heat back to yourskin, regulating your temperature even while you sleep.

To keep your bedat the perfect temperature, you might even want to pair our mattress pad withour cooling sheet sets and pillows. This creates a complete set of temperatureregulating bedding that is sure to regulate your temperature from your head totoe.

How Cool-jams™ Mattress Pads Work

Our mattresspads are made from quality fabric that uses our unique Outlast technology. Thistechnology absorbs excess body heat and stores it in patented microcapsuleswithin the fibers of the fabric. When your body starts to cool, the stored heatis released to keep you warm. The result is a cooling effect during hot monthsand a warming effect during cold spells. Unlike many other types of coolingmattress pads and bedding, Cool-jams™ Outlast pads feel silky smooth to thetouch and just as comfortable as a traditional mattress pad, giving you boththe temperature regulating properties and the comfortable feel.

If you sufferfrom both overheating and night sweats, you may even benefit from one ofCool-jams™ waterproof mattress pads. Not only do these pads come equipped withour temperature-regulating Outlast technology to keep you from overheating,they also feature waterproof features that keep your mattress dry even if youstart to sweat during the night. The result is a cool, dry feeling that lastsall night long, no matter how hot you get.

Customize Your Mattress Pad

Temperature-regulatingmattress pads are available in six sizes and are made from 100% cotton andhypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. The hypoallergenic fiberfill allows allergysufferers to reap the benefits of our mattress pads without irritating theirallergies or causing new ones. Choose the perfect size for your currentmattress, and even choose between regular and waterproof versions depending onhow much you sweat during the night.

All of ourCool-jams™ mattress pads are conveniently machine washable and dryable, andthey're incredibly easy to slide on and remove from your current mattress. Foreven better results when combating hot flashes or night sweats, combine ourmattress pads with cooling sheets, cooling pillowcases and even coolingcomforters to improve your quality of sleep.

If you sufferfrom hot flashes and night sweats and can't seem to find relief, add aCool-jams™ mattress pad to your bed and you'll notice immediate results thefirst time you use it.

Cool-jams proudly donates a percentage of every sale to charities helping women and children around the globe.