Wicking Sleepwear for Breast Cancer Patients

Sleepwear for breast cancer night sweats

Breast cancer patients can often anticipate many of their symptoms, whether it’s lack of appetite, fatigue or nausea. But the hot flashes and night sweats often associated with cancer and its treatment can come as a surprise. For those who are already feeling a bit tired from their illness, a lack of sleep due to these issues can really take a toll.

Fortunately, there are certain types of sleepwear for breast cancer patients that make hot flashes and night sweats easier to deal with. Cool-jams™ pajamas are designed to wick moisture away from the body, which helps to prevent nighttime wake-ups from a sudden hot flash or unwelcome night sweats. They’re also made of quick-drying fabric, which keeps cancer patients feeling comfortable throughout the night even after a night sweat occurs. It’s not just about staying dry, though. Cool-jams™ also help breast cancer patients to regulate their temperature. They are lightweight and breathable to make for a cooler experience when getting hot at night. Plus, they feel like super-soft cotton, so they’re still very cozy and inviting when climbing under the covers. Cool-jams™ can be used for just about any type of cancer patient. They can be breast cancer pajamas, lung cancer pajamas or brain cancer pajamas. It doesn’t matter whether the hot flashes and night sweats are a side effect of the disease or of the treatment; in both cases, Cool-jams™ offer a simple and effective solution to help these patients get the quality rest they need to fight for their health.

These moisture-wicking pajamas are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes for men and women. When it comes to moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating pajamas, you won’t find any products that out-perform Cool-jams™. They are an excellent option for any person who is suffering from cancer or caring for someone with the disease.