Who Has Ever Heard of a Bamboo Bed Covers?

cool bamboo bed covers

When most people think of bamboo, they think of tall, green plants that feel hard and stiff, not necessarily something soft and comfortable. While it may not be the most traditional substance to make into a blanket, bamboo is actually very soft, cooling and naturally moisture-wicking. Cool-jams’ bamboo bed covers are some of our most innovative products yet, and they just may be the solution to your nighttime overheating woes.

If you’re struggling with night sweats or extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the night, a bamboo blankets and other bamboo bedding products will help to regulate your temperature and wick away moisture, leaving you feeling cool and dry. These products are made from bamboo fibers made using organically grown bamboo, which is soft as silk but three to four times more absorbent than cotton because of its incredibly unique microstructure. Bamboo also has thermal regulating properties that not only keep you cool and dry during hot summer evenings, they also adapt to keep you warmer during cold winter nights.

Bamboo bedding is also a very eco-friendly alternative to bedding made using more traditional materials. The bamboo itself is harvested from non-polluted areas in Asia, and it is then made in China in our Social Responsibility Audited textile plant.

Need even more of a reason to believe in bamboo? Because bamboo stalks are cut instead of pulled by the root during harvesting, bamboo conserves soil and re-grows to be harvested again and again. No pesticides or fertilizers are required during the plant’s growth, while on the other hand, cotton requires 25% of the world's insecticides, 7 out of 10 of which are the most toxic chemicals on earth. Conserve the earth’s land and resources while also creating a cool, dry and comfortable sleeping situation for yourself by switching to Cool-jams’ bamboo bedding.