5 Reasons To Use a Cooling Bed Pad

Staying Cool: Cooling Pads for Beds:   Cool-jams™ mattress toppers and mattress covers are designed to help keep your bed cooler all night long.These comfortable cooling mattress covers use proprietary temperature-regulating technology to keep you cool, dry and well-rested, even when temperatures creep up to the triple digits. These cooling pads for beds are easy to slip over your mattress in order to create a comfortable barrier between your body and your heat-emitting mattress.

When to Use a Cooling Mattress Pad

  • Hot Memory Foam Mattress — Cool-jams mattress topper will keep your bed much cooler by creating a temperature regulating barrier between you and the hot mattress.
  • During the Summer — Invest in an affordable cooling mattress pad if you love a cool sleeping environment but don’t have air conditioning in your bedroom. These high-quality cooling bed pads will keep you from overheating during those high-temp nights, ensuring that you get a great night’s rest and wake up super-dry and comfortable.
  • To Ease Symptoms of Menopause — Women suffering from night sweats and hot flashes can use one of our waterproof cooling mattress covers not only to help ease the discomfort of hot flashes, but also to help keep you feeling fresh and dry after hours of intense night sweats.
  • To Ease Allergies — Our cooling bed pads are made with 100 percent fiberfill material that’s hypo-allergenic. Plus, these pads create a barrier between your allergen-filled mattress and your body, effectively helping to limit exposure to the dust mites and microscopic particles that trigger your worst allergy symptoms.
  • To Control Heavy Sweating — Whether you’re a natural heavy-sweater or have experienced a medical condition that has caused you to sweat more than usual, these cool mattress pads are a great way to keep you comfortable and cool during the night. We recommend picking up a waterproof style if you experience high levels of sweat.