Sleep At Night Is Important for Focus During The Day

Sleep Better, Stay Focused

Not being able to sleep at night could be costing us precious focus ability during the day. According to researchers at the UCSD  poor sleepers struggled with focusing  during memory tests. Experts explain that  the brain’s wiring may  be affecting perceptions of sleep quality.

The findings, published in the journal Sleep, have shown how people with insomnia not only struggle with getting and staying asleep at night, but it also has consequences for them during the day in terms of delayed reaction times focus, attention and memory. The study compared 25 people with  insomnia with 25 other people describing themselves as good sleepers. MRI brain scans were carried out while they performed increasingly challenging memory tests. One of the researchers, Sean Drummond said: “We found that insomnia subjects did not properly turn on brain regions critical to a working memory task and did not turn off ‘mind-wandering’ brain regions irrelevant to the task. “This data helps us understand that people with insomnia not only have trouble sleeping at night, but their brains are not functioning as efficiently during the day.” With this study in mind it is really important to get to sleep and stay asleep. If you are having trouble, it is important to get the help you need. For some people the reason they can't get to sleep is because they are too hot at night. If this is the case, you might investigate sheets that stay cool and cooling comforters and blankets.