The Best Pillows For Cooler Sleep

cooling pillows and pillowcases from Cool-jams

Don’t you just love the blissful feeling that you get the first time you press your head against a cool pillowcase at night? Many people even find themselves flipping the pillow over again and again throughout the night to recreate this cool sensation. If you love the feeling of a cool pillow or pillowcase — or even if you struggle with overheating along your face, neck and head throughout the night — a cooling pillowcase or cooling pillow from Cool-jams™ may be just what you need to improve your nightly sleep. We have lots of options for you.

Here are just a few of Cool-jams™ best pillows and pillowcases for keeping you cool and dry all night long. Our Cooling Gel Dough Pillow is a tried-and-true product that many loyal customers swear by. While heavy down pillows make you feel hot and stuffy, the proprietary Tencel and cool gel technology used in our pillows helps to absorb heat away from your skin and regulate your body temperature while you sleep. It even comes in a variety of lofts and sizes, from mid to high in both King and Queen sizes in our standard pillow, a version with a shoulder cut-out for side sleepers and a special contoured pillow option for back sleepers — all  to customize your pillow to your specific comfort and sleeping preference. 

If you’re happy with your current pillows but simply want to add an extra layer of coolness between your head and the pillow itself, this pillow cover set will do the trick. These Cooling Tencel Pillowcases are made of Cool-jams™ Tencel fabric to absorb heat away from your face and head, leaving you with a cool, comfortable feeling all night long. Cool-jams Cooling Bamboo Pillowcases are another great cooling pillowcase made with real, all-natural bamboo fibers that are filled with organic moisture-wicking properties. Bamboo is known for being very absorbent, and when it’s woven into a fabric, it’s also silky soft.