Not your Mom's Pajamas - But They Should Be

Your mom never had pajamas like these before, but she’d love to have them now. Why not get her a special gift for her next birthday or Mother's day that will give her a peaceful and supremely comfortable night’s sleep? Cool-jams™ smart fabric wicks moisture away from the body, providing a cooling affect for anyone who’s having problems sleeping at night due to hot flashes or night sweats.

These wicking pajamas are also extremely soft and comfortable, and they’re available in various styles. Choose from long or short moisture-wicking nightgowns, traditional pajama sets and cool separates. Mix and match cozy t-shirts, tank tops and bottoms for the perfect cooling bed clothes to fit any lady’s personality and preferences. Staying cool and comfortable at night is extremely important for a woman going through menopause.

Hot flashes can make it difficult to sleep through the night, and being tired the next day can aggravate menopausal symptoms. Insomnia can also cause stress, which in turn is a “trigger” for hot flashes. This is why being comfortable and getting a restful night of sleep is a key part of staying healthy during menopause. Night sweats can also occur in people who are suffering from certain medical conditions like anxiety, autonomic neuropathy, HIV/AIDS and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Additionally, they can be a side effect with certain medications like hormonal drugs and antidepressants. For any of these cases, moisture-wicking sleepwear can help relieve excessive sweating and provide a higher quality of uninterrupted sleep. Cool-jams™ is your premiere source for moisture-wicking sleepwear and bedding. We offer a large selection, competitive prices, high-quality products, fast and offers free continental USA shipping with cart value over $150 and excellent customer service. A rejuvenating sleep is vital for physical health and emotional well-being. Give your favorite mom a wonderful gift of Cool-jams™ sleepwear!