5 Nonprescription Remedies to Reduce Hot Flashes

naturalremedieshotflashesAmong the many symptoms of menopause, hot flashes can be among the most debilitating, as it can be very uncomfortable and may keep you from getting restful sleep. Hormonal replacement therapy is often used to combat menopausal symptoms, but there are non-prescription natural remedies as well that can reduce the occurrence and severity of hot flashes and provide uninterrupted sleep.

Herbs and Vitamins for Treating Hot Flashes and Cooling the Body Black Cohosh is frequently used in Europe to treat hot flashes and other symptoms caused by menopause. Sage provides relief, as does red clover. Evening Primrose Oil has a cooling effect, and it can also be used as a sleep aid. Vitamin C and Vitamin E both reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

Avoid “Trigger Foods” and Other Substances That Can Cause Hot Flashes If you’re experiencing hot flashes, you can reduce their occurrence by not consuming alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, spicy foods, diet pills and hot temperature foods. All these create added heat and acid which can bring on a hot flash. In addition to these foods, smoking can be another trigger for hot flashes, so if you smoke, you should stop.

Exercise to Minimize Hot Flashes When you exercise regularly, you can reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms by keeping your hormones properly balanced. Basic cardio exercises such as brisk walking will help keep you healthy and will reduce menopause symptoms.

Relaxation Techniques to Keep Stress Away Stress is another major trigger that can bring on hot flashes and increase their occurrence. To deal with stress, incorporate a stress reduction activity into your lifestyle. Consider practicing yoga, meditation or creative visualization. You can also get a massage or go for an acupuncture, biofeedback or chiropractic session.

Keep Cool at Night with Moisture-Wicking Clothes and Temperature Regulating Bedding Sleepwear that wicks away moisture from the body reduces the discomfort of hot flashes. When you sweat, the moisture transfers to the fabric, which has a cooling effect on the body. Temperature regulating bedding keeps your body cool. Together they provide a comfortable night’s sleep. Keep your bedroom cool by turning down the heat or using a fan. Have cold water and an ice pack nearby, so if you do experience hot flashes, you can cool down and get back to sleep quickly!