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Menopause is a stage of life experienced by every woman at some point. If you're currently going through menopause, you may be dealing with a  sudden lack of sleep  that's taking a toll on your daily life. Sleep deprivation is a common occurrence for menopausal women. Yet, it often takes a back seat to hot flashes, one of the most talked about symptoms.

While  hot flashes  are uncomfortable and distracting, your inability to get a full night's sleep is a bigger health problem. The human body cannot function well without adequate rest. Waking up during the night feeling flushed and dripping with sweat is disruptive. Add  insomnia sleep troubles  into the mix, and well, you're simply not able to sleep soundly through the night. Your daily routine remains the same, so you start the day feeling tired, less mentally alert, and as the day drags on, the lack of sleep wears you down.

Fortunately, there are natural health remedies such as Cool-jams™  moisture-wicking pajamas  and our  moisture-wicking nightgowns.  Our women's sleepwear comes in fashionable styles and colors, but most of all, it's comfortable and cooling. For added cooling relief, t emperature-regulating pillows  can help keep you cool during nighttime hot flashes.

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