4 Products To Help You Sleep During Menopause

Your body goes through a lot of changes during menopause, but losing sleep is one that you likely didn't expect. If you find yourself tossing and turning throughout the night because of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms, it may be time to invest in specially created pajamas and bedding to combat these issues. Check out this Sleep Solution Buyers Guide for the Menopausal Woman to find out which essential items you'll need.


1.Moisture-Wicking Nightgown:. Fight off those uncomfortable night sweats in the warmer months with a moisture-wicking nightgown that keeps you cool and dry. These innovative Cool-jams nightgowns are made of a proprietary fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin while you sleep, but also feels really soft and lightweight against the skin.

2. Wicking Pajama Set:. For colder months, invest in a moisture-wicking pajama set that provides full coverage without making you sweat. Cool-jams offers long pajama pants and button-down tops made of the same proprietary wicking material that are perfect for combating menopause symptoms.

3. Cooling Mattress Cover:. Your current foam mattress pad may be to blame for your overheating during the night. Combine that feeling with the night sweats from menopause and you have a pretty uncomfortable night's sleep on your hands. Improve your mattress with a Cool-jams cooling mattress cover that slips right on top of your current setup, absorbing your body heat and leaving you feeling cool and dry.

4.Cooling Sheets:. Top things off with a set of cooling bed sheets that keep you warm while also keeping you sweat-free. Add these sheets between yourself and your current blanket to create a layer of heat absorption from their all-natural bamboo.

While nothing can completely take away the side effects of menopause, these smart tips and innovative products from Cool-jams will offer some sleep solutions to make you feel much more comfortable.