4 Bedroom Tips for Better Sleep


While many people think that it’s normal to toss and turn before falling asleep each night before falling asleep, it’s actually hazardous to your health to struggle with difficult sleep patterns every night. If you want to improve your quality of sleep and, in turn, wake feeling rested and rejuvenated, you may want to give your bed a bit of an overhaul. Instead of sticking with the same comforter and sheet set that you’ve had for years, try investing in high quality bedding that can actually improve your quality of sleep. Here are a few ways to make your bed for better sleep.

  • Try a cooling sheet set. If you frequently struggle with hot flashes and night sweats, your sheets may be to blame. Flannel sheets and even normal cotton sheets may be too heavy for many people, and because humans need cooler temperatures to really achieve a restful night’s sleep, they may even be standing between you and a night of rest. Instead, try one of Cool-jams™ temperature regulating sheet sets or bamboo sheet sets to keep you cool and dry all night long.
  • Add a cooling blanket. If that’s still not enough to give you a full night of sleep, try switching out your heavy down comforter with a cooling blanket or bed cover from Cool-jams™. Our high quality, temperature regulating blankets wick moisture away from the skin to stop night sweats before they start, and they even absorb heat to leave you feeling cool and comfortable all night.
  • Switch out your pillows. Finally, switch out your pillows with a set that gives you that fresh, soothing feeling of pressing your face against the “cool side” all night long. Cool-jams™ offers cooling pillows and cooling bamboo pillowcases that will do just that.
  • Check your mattress. If you still wake up feeling stiff and groggy, your mattress may be to blame. Visit a mattress store and test different types of mattresses to see which style is your preferred firmness.