Is there an Ideal Temperature for Sleep?

Best Sleep Temperature

One of the biggest factors in the quality of your sleep is your body temperature. If you’re too cold, it can be hard to fall asleep. If you get too hot, you could wake up with some uncomfortable night sweats. So what’s the perfect temperature for sleeping? Read on to find out the right temp for your bedroom along with tips for keeping comfortable throughout the night.

The Ideal Bedroom Temperature Research has found time and time again and feeling cool can be conducive to sleep. For example, a cooling cap has been found to be one of the most effective methods for helping insomniacs fall asleep. One study even found that yawning can help your brain get rid of excess heat before you go to bed. So when it comes to the right temperature in your bedroom, it’s no surprise that a cool 66 degrees has been found to be best for sleeping. This cool temperature helps trigger your body’s systems to prepare for sleep. And there are some unexpected benefits, too; a cool room has actually been found to encourage the production of a type of healthy fat that burns calories and disposes of excess blood sugar.

Temperature Regulation Problems One of the complicating factors in this research is that to get the effects of a cool room, you have to avoid fabrics and bedding that could negate the cooling effects of your thermostat. If you keep the room cool but pile on heavy pajamas and thick down comforters, your sleep will likely be disturbed by getting too hot. To combat these issues, it’s important to choose the right fabrics to surround yourself with while sleeping. Cool-jams™ offers an easy solution for both pajamas and bedding. The pajamas are moisture-wicking to offset night sweats. The Cool-jams™ cooling bedding, meanwhile, has temperature-regulating technology that absorbs heat when you get too warm and releases back when you start to get chilly. To get the best effects from the right room temperature at night, make sure you’re using fabrics that will keep your body at the right temperature as well. Cool-jams™ carries a number of wicking sleepwear styles, sheets, pillows and other products to help you stay comfortable all night long.