3 Ways To Combat Night Sweats When It's Hot Outside

Help For Night Sweats

Those of us who have hot flashes and night sweats suffer even more when the weather is hot. Waking up with your hair stuck to the pillow, or needing an entire change nightwear is not conducive to a restful night’s sleep. Hot flashes that occur during menopause are due to fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels. However, there are several other medical conditions that can also cause hot flashes such as breast cancer treatment or immune disorders. For whatever the reason, these night sweats are annoying. Mild hot flashes may only cause a sudden feeling of heat and a red flush. However, more severe ones can cause night sweats that drench you and your bedclothes. 

While there are medical options that try and balance hormone swings, these ideas below are direct attempts to combat hot flash fatigue from lack of sleep.  

Cool Pajamas   Pam Stephan from About.com reviewed Cool-jams and is a believer in the wonderful cooling and wicking properties of Cool-jams Performance Sleepwear.  Wicking sleepwear  works by using high performance fabric that wicks away moisture from your skin to keep you drier. Cool-jams offers sleepwear for men and women in sizes S-3X.    Prices range from $29-$129, though they often have PJs on sale for less.

Cool Sheets   Cool sheets are made from a specially engineered fabric that allows them to absorb heat and moisture, then release it when your body cools down. In addition to cool sheets, Cool-jams also offers, cool mattress pads, cool blankets and cool comforters.    

Cool Pillows   Temperature regulating pillows or cool pillow covers are also a great option when seeking night sweat relief. You can find cool pillows at www.cool-jams.com