5 Questions To Ask When Choosing the Perfect Mattress for Your Needs

There’s so much more to choosing the right mattress than mattress dimensions. You need to consider the position you sleep in, your sleeping habits, the size of your bedroom, if you sleep with a partner, and so much more. Keep reading to learn how to pick the perfect mattress for your needs.
  1. How Tall Are You?
Believe it or not, your height (and your partner’s height) play a huge role in mattress comfort. You don’t want your feet dangling off the edge. Plan ahead and search for mattress sizes that accommodate your height.
  1. Do You Have Neck or Back Pain?
Chronic pain in your neck or back should be a key factor in your approach to mattress shopping. Talk to your doctor or chiropractor about the best mattress materials and firmness for your specific needs.
  1. Plush or Firm?
It can be difficult to determine what kind of mattress you like without testing it out in person! Stop by your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress to discover if you like extra firm, firm, medium, or soft mattresses.
  1. How Large is Your Bedroom?
You don’t want to overwhelm your bedroom with a mattress and frame that are too large for the space. Figure out if you prefer more living space or sleeping space and choose a mattress size accordingly. We recommend choosing a Full or Twin mattress for rooms smaller or equal to 10 feet by 10 feet.
  1. Do You Sweat While You Sleep?
There’s nothing worse than being overheated while you’re trying to get some R&R. Consider a mattress with cooling gel or silver pillow top fibers to keep you cool or wick moisture away from your body. Perhaps the best piece of advice for finding the perfect mattress is to try them out for yourself! Nobody knows your own body like you do, so be sure to visit a trusted mattress supplier to try any mattress before you buy.