How to Care for your Performance Bedding

Once you try our performance bedding, you'll want to know how to care for it. To ensure your sheets, mattress pads, pillows and blankets and covers give you many nights of blissful sleep there are certain steps to care for your bedding products. Don't worry, it's not difficult!

Imbedded inside all of our performance bedding are millions of microcapsules (undetected to the naked eye) that are masterfully working to regulate body temperature. These microcapsules absorb excess heat when you're hot and release the stored heat when you're cold. Known as cool sleep technology, it's the secret behind giving so many people a good night's rest. To make sure these microcapsules excel at what they do, follow our cleaning instructions carefully.

When it's time to wash your bedding, turn to your trusty washing machine. Performance bedding can be washed in cold or warm water, but should be set to the gentle cycle. Be sure to use a mild laundry detergent, and stay clear of liquid chlorine bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and dryer balls. Softening and anti-static products may interfere with the temperature regulating technology. "But I like my bedding to be soft," you may be thinking. Our bedding products have a 300 thread count which feels like the equivalent of 1,000 count Pima cotton. They're incredibly soft so you won't miss the added fabric softener.

If you need to use chlorine-free bleach, it's important to dilute it first with water before adding it to the wash. Don't just add the bleach straight into your washer.

Drying is just as simple. Tumble dry your performance bedding on medium heat and remove it promptly once it's dry to avoid excessive wrinkling. When washing and drying your performance bedding, treat them as you would your delicate clothing and they'll work hard night after night to keep your body temperature regulated. For more info about natural alternatives to fabric softener and softener sheets, read this article — Natural Alternatives to Fabric Softener.