How Often Should You Change Your Pillowcase?

bamboo pillowcase - good for skin

Since you press your face and hair against it every single night, it’s no secret that your pillowcase holds its fair share of germs. While many people make it a point to wash their pillowcases frequently, you may not know exactly how often you should change your pillowcase. Some people change their pillowcase once a week, while others give it a good washing once a month — but which is right?

While there’s no “right” time to change your pillowcase, studies do show that there is a recommended time for how frequently you should be giving your pillow a refresh in order to minimize germs, keep things clean and promote a better night’s sleep. It turns out that the magic number is once a week. It may seem a bit excessive to those who aren’t so finicky about a bit of dust around the house, but according to scientists, this is how long it takes for your pillowcase to accumulate build-up from skin cells, sweat, and even (yuck!) a bit of drool here and there. While there’s no way to prevent the build-up of natural skin debris, you can limit the amount of moisture your pillow and pillowcase take in by replacing your current bedding with something a bit more preventative.

If you frequently find that you wake up with your scalp and face feeling more than a bit sweaty, you may benefit from using a cooling pillow and pillowcase. Cool-jams™ offers a wide selection of cooling pillowcases that wick away moisture and absorb heat from the surface of the skin, keeping you cool and dry all night long. If you love the cool, refreshing feeling of those first few moments after you flip your pillow over, then you’ll love getting that all night from a Cool-jams™ pillow or pillowcase.