Cooling Sheets for Night Sweats

Whether you suffer from menopause, side effects from chemotherapy or another type of medical condition, there are many reasons why people struggle with night sweats. This annoying nighttime condition can leave you feeling uncomfortable and cause you to wake up covered in sweat, sometimes even soaked through your usual pajamas.

The solution, for many people, is cooling sheets that are designed especially for handling night sweats. These types of cooling sheets for night sweats are made with an innovative fabric that not only wicks away moisture from your skin, it also offers a built-in technology that absorbs heat away from your body when you start to get overheated.

This leaves you feeling both cool and dry even in the midst of a night sweat spell. If you’re thinking that cooling sheets must be itchy, uncomfortable or just downright ugly, you’ll think again when you see the selection at Cool-jams. Our cooling sheets are just as stylish and attractive as any standard sheets that you might purchase at a home goods store, and they come in a variety of fashion colors to match your bedroom and the rest of your bedding. They’re also incredibly comfortable, as they have a soft, cotton-like feeling. They’re so comfortable, in fact, that you might even get them confused with your regular cotton sheets.

The newest addition to the world of cooling bedding is bamboo, which helps regulate your body temperature and prevent night sweats even better than our previous sheets. If you have very sensitive skin and you’re particularly concerned about the softness of your sheets, the fine, tightly woven fibers in these sheets will provide the silky smooth comfort that you’ve been looking for. Like the other sheets from Cool-jams, these innovative bamboo sheets come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Before you start to think that there is no true solution to night sweats, browse our technologically advanced selection of cooling sheets and find relief from your nighttime woes.