Cooling Pillows for Hot Flashes

cooling pillows

Hot flashes are defined as flushing that occurs due to lower levels of estradiol in the body. They are by far one of the most common symptoms of menopause, but may also be experienced by men with certain types of cancer, low testosterone or those who have made certain dietary changes. In addition to hormone therapy and other menopause treatment options, cooling pillows are a fantastic way to help quell the effects of hot flashes at night. If you want even more nighttime cooling power, pair a heat-regulating pillow with cooling bedding and pajamas from the Cool-jams™ store! Cooling pillows from Cool-jams™ are made with unique materials that absorb heat as you get hot, effectively helping to cool down the body temperature and keeping you at an even, well-regulated temperature throughout the night. They’re often made of phase change fabrics which help to regulate body temperature, which is great at   pulling heat away from the body during hot flashes and night sweats. We carry an option for every single pillow preference, from extra-soft to firm, to suit your particular needs. Additionally, our pillows come in standard, queen and king sizes.

At Cool-jams we offer a wide variety of ultra-comfortable Temperature-Regulating Cooling Pillows for any sleeping style. Cooling pillows are ideal for those suffering from hot flashes and night sweats because they feature exclusive fabrics to regulate the body’s temperature as you sleep by pulling heat away from the body. Additionally, they are all made from seriously soft hypoallergenic materials. Many of our customers add a cooling bamboo or temperature regulating pillowcase to this pillow to add even more cooling and heat-regulating benefits to bedtime. Here are links to some of our customer favorites:

  1. Cooling Carbon Cool Pillow
  2. Cooling Contour Pillow - Perfect for Back Sleepers
  3. Cool Gel Shoulder Pillow-Perfect for Side Sleepers
  4. Cool Gel Pillow-For all Sleeping Positions
  5. Cool Customizable Pillow-For all Sleeping Positions