How to Combat a Bad Night's Sleep

How to get better sleep
There’s nothing worse than bad night’s sleep. You lay down after a long day hoping to drift off into a relaxing slumber, but your mind or your body refuses to cooperate. Maybe stress is keeping you up, and your mind is racing. Or maybe an illness is disrupting your sleep. Either way, you don’t want to suffer the next morning, so here are a few ways to prevent the tossing and turning. One of the most important things you can do to keep your sleep on track is stick to a schedule – not only when you go to sleep, but when you wake up. says this routine is necessary for setting your body’s internal clock. Your bedroom also plays a key role in getting a good night’s sleep, and creating a cozy sanctuary will help in lulling you to sleep. Keep your room relatively cool, between 60 and 67 degrees, and be sure to turn off your electronics – TV and cellphones will increase your alertness rather than help you unwind.

Make sure your room is dark, and use a sleep mask if you need to block out additional light. In addition to a relaxing aesthetic, it’s also important to have a comfortable mattress and bedding. Cool-jams™ has everything you need to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Our cooling mattress toppers are temperature regulating and create a heat-absorbing barrier between you and your mattress – which is especially helpful for people with foam mattresses. A set of cooling sheets and a cooling pillow go a long way in keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night, and we carry temperature-regulating bedding as well as eco-friendly bamboo bedding. Both are super soft and perfect for any climate. Cool-jams™ also carries a variety of temperature-regulating comforters, blankets and duvet covers which work to prevent the buildup of heat and humidity under the covers.