3 Best Care Package Gift Ideas To Show You That You Care

When someone is going through a challenging time in their life, a care package is one of the most thoughtful ways to let them know you’ve got their back. In addition to making them feel loved, a care package can include some truly useful items that will make things a little easier on them. In this guide, we’ll offer up care package suggestions based on various scenarios.

Illness: For those who are struggling with sickness, it helps to find care package items that will make them feel more comfortable. For example, those staying in the hospital might appreciate a robe and slippers along with books and magazines to keep them occupied. A nice bottle of lotion or hand sanitizer can also come in handy. Consider the specifics of their illness as well. For example, some cancer patients experience night sweats due to their treatments, so a moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating nightgown from Cool-jams™ could really come in handy.

Distance: Whether you’re sending a care package to someone off at college or someone stationed overseas for military service, a care package can bring a little piece of home to wherever they are. Favorite foods and candies are always a popular choice here, especially if it’s something unavailable near the recipient. Think about specific conditions where they are. A college student experiencing her first snowy winter could use a nice warm coat, while someone stationed in the desert for military service could use a Cool-jams™ cooling coverlet or duvet cover to sleep better at night.

Life Transitions: Care packages are a great way to help someone as they transition into a new phase of life. New parents appreciate useful baby items as well as pre-made dinners. Someone who recently lost a spouse could use a book about grieving, a kind letter and tissues to dry their tears. Consider specific challenges they’re facing; for example, a woman experiencing menopause-related hot flashes would love a Cool-jams™ cooling pillow. Creating a care package will be different based on every situation. For the best results, combine practical items with small gifts that have a personal touch.