Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Cooling mattress topper

There are a lot of reasons why you may be a “hot” sleeper: from menopause, to illness, to body temperature regulation issues, overheating at night is not uncommon among adults. No matter why you feel hot while sleeping, a cooling mattress just may be the solution to your nighttime woes. First, you should know what to avoid when shopping for a mattress. Pillow top mattresses or foam topped mattresses are both notoriously known for causing people to overheat, mainly because of their thickly padded upper portions.

When you lie down at night to sleep, these types of mattresses hold in heat from your body and may start to feel like heating pads while you’re sleeping. Instead, shop for more traditional mattresses without the fancy pads and pillow tops. While these may seem like they’re targeted toward people who prefer firm mattresses, you can also find less firm varieties — just look for types without the thick, cushioned pillow top.

Traditional mattresses instead of heavy foam will allow your skin to breathe much easier. If you do opt for a foam type mattress, try latex rather than memory foam since it feels and stays cooler than foam. Once you choose the perfect mattress to regulate your body temperature and help you avoid night sweats, you may also want to invest in a cooling mattress topper or mattress protector designed specifically to absorb excess heat. Cooling mattress toppers and protectors from Cool-jams™ are specially made with our Tencel Lyocel fabric and a proprietary cooling gel foam, which draws heat away from the skin and leaves you feeling temperature regulated and comfortable while sleeping.