3 Best Father's Day Gifts

What do you buy for the man who has everything? How about the guarantee of a great night’s sleep? While you can’t purchase sleep, you can buy the next best thing: cooling and moisture wicking products from Cool-jams™! These high tech sleepwear and bedding items are perfect for the man who just always seems to be too hot at night.
  • Cool-jams™ Moisture Wicking Sleep Sets: If the man in your life is always too hot, gift him a set of stylish, comfortable pajamas from Cool-jams™. These unique sleep sets are made of our signature fabric that wicks away moisture from the surface of the skin, leaving the wearer feeling cool and dry all night long. They also prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, which keeps a man smelling fresh when he wakes up in the morning. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and even sizes, you can’t go wrong giving these sleep sets to every man on your list.
  • Cool-jams™ Travel Sleepwear: For the man who’s always on the go traveling for work or for leisure, buy him a lightweight pair of Cool-jams™ travel pajamas. These sets are designed especially for travel with a material that is extremely lightweight and resistant to wrinkling, so you can tuck them away in a suitcase and pull them out looking good as new. They also wick away moisture in the same way as our traditional sleep sets, so they’ll also keep the wearer feeling cool and dry while sleeping.
  • Cool-jams™ Cooing Sheets: If you and your partner are always arguing over the temperature at night, sort things out without a fight by buying him a set of cooling sheets. These sheets are made of our signature Outlast fabric that absorbs heat from the body and releases it back into the skin when your temperature regulates, so even if one person is too hot, the other person will stay warm and cozy. These sheets also wick away moisture, which is great for anyone who suffers from night sweats while sleeping.
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