6 Essential Travel Accessories to Help You Sleep Better While Traveling

Losing sleep while traveling can impact your entire vacation. You can't control many conditions when you're on the road, and something like a bright light coming in through the window, a loud air-conditioner, or even unfamiliar noise can affect your sleep schedule. However, you can add a few travel accessories to your suitcase to make sleep come easier during your travels. Check out our six essential travel accessories you need to use to sleep better while traveling.


  1. Light Blocking Eye Mask

Creating a consistent sleep environment can be hard when you're trying to sleep in a hotel room, bus or plane. According to a recent study, light's harmful effects can decrease our ability to catch some shut-eye. Investing in a comfortable eye mask can help to create a nighttime environment, regardless of the time of the day. Find a face mask that is adjustable and fits around your face well so that no light can peak in.

  1. Travel Sleepwear

After a long day of traveling, the comfort of your pajamas is necessary to help you feel relaxed and comfortable while you try to sleep. Choosing compact travel pajamas that are quick-drying and lightweight will make sleeping a breeze. It's essential when selecting travel pajamas that you look for high-quality, breathable fabrics to help you feel at home, despite your location.

  1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Regardless of where you're vacationing, you might encounter some new, unfamiliar sounds. Anything from the sound of your neighbors, babies crying to street noise can make it difficult to sleep. Investing in a high-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones will bring you peace and quiet to help you focus on drifting off to sleep.

  1. Bedtime Tea

If you need a good night of sleep, consider brewing a cup of bedtime tea. Any tea that contains organic chamomile can be considered a nighttime tea. Ensure that the tea you choose does not include any caffeine as that defeats the tea's purpose. It's best to brew a cup about 20-30 minutes before you want to go to bed. Chamomile will help the body relax and produce melatonin, which is the chemical in your body that makes you feel sleepy.

  1. Travel Neck Pillows

It's essential to provide your neck with some support when you need to find sleep in cars, airplanes, or buses. Don't resort to using the hard wall or cold window as a makeshift pillow. Instead, invest in a neck pillow or square travel pillow to make sleep more attainable. To find the perfect travel neck pillow, search for a breathable, cooling memory foam formula like Cool Jams Travel Neck Pillows that makes you feel comfortable by supporting your neck and absorbing heat.

  1. Travel Blanket

Packing a lightweight fleece blanket will help you feel cozy and warm, which will induce sleep. You don't want to be stuck using the blankets provided for you on long flights or be in a situation where you can't warm up. There are plenty of portable blanket options that are compactable and can fit in your carry-on.