5 Night Sweat Triggers to Avoid

nightsweat triggersFor many people, night sweats are a bothersome occurrence that inhibits sleep, makes nighttime uncomfortable and leaves you feeling exhausted once morning comes. Whether you’re going through the change of menopause or undergoing cancer treatments, there are a number of reasons why a person might be experiencing night sweats. Fortunately, there are a few ways to decrease your night sweats or even prevent them entirely. Here are 5 night sweat triggers to avoid.
  1. Hot or spicy foods. Cut out those spicy nachos, Indian curries or hot soups from your diet if you want to ward off the night sweats. While many people believe that you shouldn’t eat these foods a few hours before going to bed, you’ll be even better off if you cut them out entirely.
  2. Bulky, thick clothing. Swap out your usual flannel pajamas with a pair that’s light and designed to be breathable, such as Cool-jams moisture wicking sleepwear. Pajamas that aren’t breathable will leave heat trapped inside, making night sweats worse.
  3. Alcohol and tobacco. Indulging vices like alcohol and tobacco can affect your hormonal balance, which takes a toll on menopausal symptoms. If you have a glass of wine before bed or step out for a smoke, you may notice your night sweats becoming much worse. Try to cut these unhealthy practices out of your life (or at least limit them before bedtime) to take control of night sweats.
  4. While night sweats are a physical symptom, they can be triggered by your emotional state. If you go to bed feeling stressed out about work, worried about your finances or even anxious about getting a bad night’s sleep, you could be making your night sweats worse. Try meditating for a few minutes or sipping some herbal tea before hitting the hay.
  5. While the temperature in your bedroom doesn’t necessarily cause night sweats, it could make them worse. Before you go to bed, try turning the temperature down 2 to 3 degrees lower than you usually keep it during the day.