What Fabrics Are Best For People Who Sweat

Clothing for Sweating
If you feel like you struggle with sweating more than the average person, you may start to think that there is no cure for your constant sweating. In fact, many people have the very same issues, whether it's because of a hormonal imbalance, illness, certain medications or even menopause. You can cut down on your sweating and even mask it better by wearing breathable, lightweight clothing that doesn't irritate your skin or make sweating worse - here are just a few of the fabrics that we recommend here at Cool-jams™.
  1. Cotton. Because it's an all-natural fabric, cotton won't interfere with your skin's natural processes or make sweating worse. Natural materials also help to retain moisture better than synthetic ones, so cotton will help to absorb any sweat that you do have and wick it away from the skin. The drawback of cotton is that it doesn't dry quickly so it will stay wet when you sweat.
  2. Bamboo. We use all-natural bamboo in many of our products, such as bedsheets and pillowcases, because it is naturally moisture-wicking and helps to keep the body cool even under extreme heat. Bamboo feels silky and cool to the touch, and it is naturally hypoallergenic, not to mention eco-friendly to produce. Fabrics like rayon from bamboo are great for lightweight, sweat-reducing clothing items because they help to cut down on sweat while also keeping you cool.
  3. Linen. Because linen is another natural fabric, it helps to absorb sweat away from the surface of the skin and retain it within the weave. There's no worse feeling than being covered in sweat with nowhere for it to go, so a material like linen that wicks it away will help to keep you comfortable and dry. Because linen comes in a number of different weights, however, you'll want to be careful to choose a lightweight style that won't feel too hot or itchy in the summertime.
  4. Chambray. If you're going to wear denim in the summer, you might want to choose a chambray, its more lightweight counterpart. Chambray is made of cotton and feels lightweight and breathable, unlike stiff, sturdy denim that could make sweating worse. It will wick sweat but won't dry quickly.
  5. Moisture-wicking microfiber polyester. While it is fairly common knowledge that synthetic materials aren't as good at wicking away sweat as natural fibers, the exception is moisture-wicking microfiber, such is the kind that we use here at Cool-jams. Moisture-wicking fabrics are designed with sweat in mind, so they quickly pull sweat and moisture away from the skin while also feeling incredibly lightweight and soft to the touch. Not only does our proprietary fabric draw sweat and heat away from the body, but it is also recognized as one of the fastest drying fabrics in the world so you stay cool and dry all night.