The Benefits of a Power Nap


Power nap for sleep
You’ve been on the move all day with no break in sight. Between your commute, meetings and last-minute errands, you’re ready to forget about dinner and crawl right into bed. But rather than turn in for the night, why don’t you consider taking a power nap? A few minutes of shuteye can do wonders for your mood and boost your energy to boot.


The key to a power nap is keeping it short – 20 minutes, according to, part of the National Sleep Foundation. If you snooze any longer, you risk waking up groggy rather than rejuvenated. Additionally, longer naps may make it difficult to fall asleep later that night. According to WebMD, power naps help you to stay alert, whether you’re hitting the road or putting in another few hours of work. These quick slumbers help increase productivity – so much so that a number of companies have created space in their offices dedicated to nap time. And you thought curling up with a blanket midday was strictly for toddlers.

For most of us, our days don’t end when we get home from work, so if you can’t grab a nap at the office, there’s no reason not to grab a few ZZZs when you first get home. Just 20 minutes can turn around the rest of your day, especially if you struggled to fall asleep the night before. Make sure the room is dark and quiet so you can drift off quickly and set your alarm so you don’t oversleep. To make naptime even more inviting, surround yourself in Cool-jams™ Cool Bamboo Bedding.  Perfect for taking a snooze, the eco-friendly fiber is temperature-regulating, and will keep you cool whether you’re taking a quick catnap, or turning in for the night.